Big Question: What are you living for?

On This or That:  The question that weighs on my mind, body and soul today is, “What are you living for?”  This question has been with me for quite some time and really came to light as I listened to an acquaintance describe how they see the world.  For some of us, there is always this undertow of for or against, in support of or in opposition to and one has to declare a position in one of these camps.  Huh, I guess this works for many and even for me at a point in my life, until today.  This day, I declare first within myself that it is high time for new reckoning of spirit that makes room for both sides of an issue, argument, position or picture without relegating some to a lesser majority and others to a superior minority.  Back to the question, if I am living for something; does that also mean that I am living against something else?  Perhaps what I am trying to say is that I would rather not have my living be a dividing point, but more of a point of convergence of the soul.   I can wear myself out by living against grain, trying to fly against the wind, rising up against my brother or sister or even just wanting to always be right instead of wrong.  I live for the beauty and support of those fleeting “both and” opportunities that allow us to discover value and honor in unexpected faces, to notice the extraordinary hidden amidst the mundane tasks and to hear the magnificence that is tucked lovingly at the center of the silence and acknowledge the courage that may be momentarily clothed in fear.  You see beloved I do not for one moment believe that we called to be “either or” people; I know that we are souls that move to a rhythm that is comprised of the many tunes and tones.  Yet with that, I declare that we are “both and” people living for good.  So I invite you to look at how you are choosing to spend your energy for or against and if only just for today; choose to make room inwardly and outwardly for all that serves and supports your journey.  In this moment, this is how I’m living and hope that you will join me in heart space where there is always plenty of good room just for you.  I am committed to always keeping life, love and laughter real; because they are indeed the main thing among many things.  Happy Friday!

About Kathy Beasley

Hello Friends, I am Kathy and I am fully committed to helping people discover the truth of who they are by employing my gifts of teaching, speaking, writing, leading and meeting them where they are on their journey. In my role as a Unity Minister, I have found that the greatest work that Spiritual Communities can do in the world has very little to do with those gathered around the table with us, it is for those who exist beyond our walls, liturgy, table and awareness. I am not here to make you comfortable, I am here to challenge you by disturbing your peace. With the help of others, I employ a passionate perspective of utilizing the unconventionality of technology and public theology to help reach out beyond the traditional and social aspects of "church" to those who could benefit from a positive and practical message of hope and peace. Thank you for taking this journey with me and please know that your presence helps make me who I am. This is my story… What’s yours?

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