Catching Fire & Fanning the Flames

The Last Word:  I was awakened by the magnificence of the morning pouring into my quiet retreat.  In the company of my thoughts, I began to move quietly through the house listening to all the messages of my soul.  Among the lessons that came bursting into my view were the desires of my heart to […]


The Last Word:  When it comes to finding meaning in your lives, I know that there have been countless days, weeks and years that it just could not be figured out.  Perhaps the issue was that you were looking all around the world, or into the eyes of a stranger or lost within the lyrics […]

Lighten Up!

We do not have to ask for permission to be who we are meant to be.  Great, beautiful, magnificent, whole, confident, loved and blessed are among the threads of our being.  In the beginning there were four words words that summoned our Truth, “Let there be light”. Now, here we are and all we have […]


Believe This:  In our language that is both spoken and lived, there are words and instances that bring us together and further divide us.  Our words, thoughts and deeds are more powerful than we could ever imagine.  With that being true, my heart breaks it’s vow silence today, my soul has shaken off the shackles […]

On Purpose

Believe This:  Do you ever wonder things like:  Why am I here?  Now what?   What’s up with that?  I do… Well at least I did;  until today when I had a peaceful revelation as to my reason for being.  In the midst of my walking meditation and wondering about this or that, I realized something […]

When I…

Check this out:  For so long in my life I was invested in a time that was not yet present to me and held it as more valued than the moments that were present to me. I spoke of it, wrote of it and thought of it in statements that began, “When I…” as if […]

Key to the Kingdom Within

Believe This:  You are ready!  You have been prepared for a moment, a breath and/or an opportunity such as this.  We are all connected, related and kindred; we are family of the grandest sorts.  Being connected means we never travel alone.  Our lives, dreams, work in the world and all that we know of ourselves […]

Oh Yes You Can!

Believe This:  No one can hold you back when God has called you forward.  No one can separate you from the Love that you have always been.  No matter the title, length of service or even the litany of endorsements that any person may have; there is no one greater, better or more than the […]

Meant to Be…

Believe This:  You are not here by accident and your presence in the lives of those who love you, is so much more than just a mere matter of fact.  We live in a world where there are signs and messages all around us and it is easy to propelled and fueled by likes, invites, […]

Nothing Less…

Believe This:  There is so much more to each one of us than we are willing to let others in on.  Routinely we gather and store up our essence for the sake of our safety, sanity and sometimes even for the sake of others.  I know that there are moments that we all find ourselves […]