When I…

Check this out:  For so long in my life I was invested in a time that was not yet present to me and held it as more valued than the moments that were present to me. I spoke of it, wrote of it and thought of it in statements that began, “When I…” as if everything in my life was mysterious and illusive. Well here I sit today, beyond so many of my “when I” statements: When I get it all together, when I make more money, when I find the love of my life, when I find my dream job and I could go on. For just a moment, my thoughts shifted from “When I…” to “Now what?” Yet even in the shifting, I can hear these words rattling around in my heart and understand them very differently in this moment. I hear them as a call to come out, come out from all the places that I have been hiding from myself because, my life, my dream, my loving; my living is not way out there in the distance beyond all the achievements, goals and stuff. My life, my dream, my loving is right here and right now; all wrapped up in the soul of the work I am called to do; even as I type this. The love of my life is not absent but absolutely present because of the love of life itself. The dream that I have held in my heart is not marked on some future point on a calendar, it is happening right now, for I am awakening to it, in it and as it.  Today is a day like no other! It is a rare and vibrant opportunity to live out the call, stand in the Truth, be breathed in by the Divine, to write the loving letters, to sing the songs of the soul, to cheer on the weary, to run your leg of the relay we know as life, and to hold harmless those who may have disappointed us. Today is the that day and now is the time to be what you have wanted to be when you grow up, to do whatever it is that moves you, now is really all that there is. 

“When I…” is no more; it is becoming in me as, “now that I…” and so on and so forth. Whatever it is; do it now, do it for the sake of self; it will wake your spirit to live and love like you would not believe. Go and tell the story, sit down and write the book, throw open the windows and finish the painting, open the eyes of your heart and see the love that abounds and what my heart knows is that you will be in that very moment all that you have been dreaming of, seeking, hoping and holding out for. It is not nigh or near nor almost, your moment has come! I cannot wait to see and hear of the magnificence that is you. Know that I hold you near and dear to my heart as you do this work. This is nothing but the Truth! Now, be blessed and beloved!

About Kathy Beasley

Hello Friends, I am Kathy and I am fully committed to helping people discover the truth of who they are by employing my gifts of teaching, speaking, writing, leading and meeting them where they are on their journey. In my role as a Unity Minister, I have found that the greatest work that Spiritual Communities can do in the world has very little to do with those gathered around the table with us, it is for those who exist beyond our walls, liturgy, table and awareness. I am not here to make you comfortable, I am here to challenge you by disturbing your peace. With the help of others, I employ a passionate perspective of utilizing the unconventionality of technology and public theology to help reach out beyond the traditional and social aspects of "church" to those who could benefit from a positive and practical message of hope and peace. Thank you for taking this journey with me and please know that your presence helps make me who I am. This is my story… What’s yours?

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