If Only You Knew…

There have been many times in my life that I have given up, given in, turned and walked away, let go and stopped in my tracks because I believed the voice of the situation, the images of my past, the pain in my heart, soul and body that said to me that the thing that I was attempting to do, to be and to overcome was somehow impossible and beyond my grasp.  Only to later realize that I was only one step, one breath and one moment from doing that which I thought I could not.  Here is the thing, had I known how close I was to doing the unfathomable, to overcoming the unconquerable and to becoming more of my true self, there is no way that I would have ceased or let up from my efforts.  There is no way…

I believe that we are all here for a reason that is as unique as we are and to stop, withhold, and turn around is just not why we are here.  That very urge thought, vision and blessing that propelled us into motion in the beginning of our beginning are never far from us.  Yet somehow, we forget about the power and presence of the beginning in the moment when the culmination looks bigger than we imagined, is farther off in the distance than we thought or requires more of us than we believe that we have to give.  I say all of this to say that the very plan, intent and divine spark within us is urging us to remain in the race, stay the course, to hang in there, to stick with it; whatever it is!  The dream, the vision, the song, the book, the product, the business and yes even the life that nudges us periodically is only one step, one moment and one breath away.  Just one… Now that step may be a physical movement that requires you to move your feet, it may require you to break a vow of silence or it may require you to release that which you believe that you cannot live without.  To do this is simply an act of faith like no other.  Our very survival, our triumph, our capacity to love and to be love; requires something of us and that something, your something and my something is as close as the next breath.  So, don’t believe the hype, don’t give your passion and power away to the naysayers.  Hold on… It’s about to get real!

Allowing these words to even flow from me is my sort of my second chance… I have been alone with this idea swirling around in my consciousness for the entire season of Advent.  It has sung me to sleep when my body was weary and stirred me from that same slumber in the dawn of the day.  This notion has steadied my every step and filled in the gaps between here/there and this/that.  It was a few days ago that I began to understand that this is more than an individual message for my heart, soul, and journey; this is perhaps about all of us somehow. 

My life has been one gigantic call and response; almost a divine dance of sorts that has many movements, a myriad of chapters along with many challenges and changes.  I believe that the voice that called us once, calls out to us over and over again in a lifetime.  Never once does the call of the soul go silent or move away from us or even beyond us; God, Spirit, The Universe, Truth, Light, Love, and Beauty is in the same place the 2nd, 3rd, or 100th time that we are called as it was the very first moment of the unfolding of purpose in our lives.  That moment requires us to return to it often in some small way and it is as it was in the beginning of the beginning.  So when you feel like all hope is lost and you are ready to let it all go; remember the feeling that you have right now in these fleeting moments of 2016 and take one more step, breathe one more breath, write one more word, sing just one more verse, paint one more brush stroke and therein that which you have been seeking will be revealed, seen, heard, experienced and known in and as you.    Just one step away, that’s all it is…

Happy New Year!!!!


About Kathy Beasley

Hello Friends, I am Kathy and I am fully committed to helping people discover the truth of who they are by employing my gifts of teaching, speaking, writing, leading and meeting them where they are on their journey. In my role as a Unity Minister, I have found that the greatest work that Spiritual Communities can do in the world has very little to do with those gathered around the table with us, it is for those who exist beyond our walls, liturgy, table and awareness. I am not here to make you comfortable, I am here to challenge you by disturbing your peace. With the help of others, I employ a passionate perspective of utilizing the unconventionality of technology and public theology to help reach out beyond the traditional and social aspects of "church" to those who could benefit from a positive and practical message of hope and peace. Thank you for taking this journey with me and please know that your presence helps make me who I am. This is my story… What’s yours?

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