Shift Happens… All is Well

Yesterday’s warning was, this is hard and I need you to survive. Today’s warning is in our efforts to be bold, fierce and courageous; we must remember to first be gentle with ourselves. Because we may need it more than we realize.

We are never separated from our source.

The same energy that is found in the rhythm of the beating heart, the same energy in the flow of the breath through our bodies and the same energy that is within the activity of our being is the very same presence of light and love that is alive and well within us.

My spiritual journey has never for a moment been without shape, form, texture and color. Even within the constant unfolding of life I know that shift can happen. Within difficulty, pain and fear; shift can happen. I find this to be so in my breath as I remember to breathe in more supportive life force and breathe out all that no lingers serves and supports me; that it may be taken and transformed.

What is funny to me is how life never stops teaching and pouring into us. I have learned anew how to have an awareness of the shifting in my body, of my thoughts, of my words and in my work not just in hindsight, but in what I call nowsight (this present moment) when it is most available for my use. Late last night as I took a short break from the hospital as an act of self-love, mercy and self-care. I found myself sitting in our living room recalling the last conversations, bursts of laughter and stolen glances that we shared in that space and out of nothing and nowhere came this overwhelming groundswell of emotion. No matter how hard I tried to hold it together there was nothing that I could do to stop or control it. Then, just like it started, out of nothing and nowhere it was gone. Shift happened! Very similar to the weather in Orlando where if you don’t like it, just wait ten minutes and shift will happen. In a matter of moments I felt a whirlwind of every emotion known to humanity and then there was only peace. There was something precious about that moment because it wasn’t merely still, calm and quiet; there was for first time in days this fullness of peace within me and surrounding me. Shift happened within me, to me and through me. There was a swift movement from remembering joy to feeling fear and sadness to just an overwhelmingly quiet knowing of all is well. It started like a distant echo in the wind and moved to an enveloping symphony of assurance from within me that ultimately wrapped itself around me and held me in this warm and loving embrace where I could breathe again. That was the energy, the feeling, the knowing and the presence that returned to her bedside along with me and with this knowing of all is well; she made it through the night with no issues nor complications. Shift happened and I am grateful.

As I sat through the night and into the dawn I remained in that space and posture of peace by silencing every other voice, thought and feeling other the one that continues to speak to my soul right now and say; “All is well.”

I am clear that when I am able to fully know and remember who I, and the power of my Divine connection to Source, my journey in that moment leads me to do or to practice what I teach and preach about, to live and stand firmly in the space of peace, fully available and connected to Source of my creation. For my every step along this journey carves out peace and my every breath becomes a reminder that all is well.

I know, acknowledge and affirm that we are never separated from our source and I am grateful for a deeper understanding of this Truth unfolding within me, for my good and the unfolding good of us all. Selah…

I leave you with the power of this thought from one of today’s best-known Buddhist teachers, Sharon Salzberg.

“Loving-kindness and compassion are the basis for wise, powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes fierce actions that can really make a difference — in our own lives and those of others.”




About Kathy Beasley

Hello Friends, I am Kathy and I am fully committed to helping people discover the truth of who they are by employing my gifts of teaching, speaking, writing, leading and meeting them where they are on their journey. In my role as a Unity Minister, I have found that the greatest work that Spiritual Communities can do in the world has very little to do with those gathered around the table with us, it is for those who exist beyond our walls, liturgy, table and awareness. I am not here to make you comfortable, I am here to challenge you by disturbing your peace. With the help of others, I employ a passionate perspective of utilizing the unconventionality of technology and public theology to help reach out beyond the traditional and social aspects of "church" to those who could benefit from a positive and practical message of hope and peace. Thank you for taking this journey with me and please know that your presence helps make me who I am. This is my story… What’s yours?

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