Joy as Resistance: The Struggle to Bring Joy to the World

Sometimes I find it hard to tap into joy. But when faced with the weight of life, tragedy, trauma, and personal loss—I need either a way out or an anchor. Joy has become my latest tool of resistance and is often an invitation to meet myself at the edge of suffering without feeling shame or […]

Before I Drift Away

It’s almost midnight and my body is weary from the events of the day. All is still about the house, quiet in the land as I prepare to lay my body down. I realize that I am drifting deeper into my secret place of solace. Here, within, I am welcomed, embraced, and at peace with […]

Bless The Space

In the age of social distancing, the only safe distance I could travel today was within. For the first time in many years, I held a paintbrush. Every stroke of the brush became a breath, while the space between each brush stroke revealed a Divine idea. When we come a part and apart for a […]

Love A Little

Today is Love’s holiday. Not that we take a break from all else to observe it, but that we take a break from all else to engage, participate in love, with love and as love. Today is the day that we have been waiting for! It is the day that we have the opportunity to […]

Spelling Changes Everything!

The world is so full of critics; you know those who tell you how bad everything is or those who point out what absolutely cannot be done; no matter how hard you try. I have come to know the critics, the naysayers, and the onlookers in my life as those who are in charge of […]

Location!Location! Location!

wher·ev·er /(h)werˈevər,(h)wəˈrevər/ 1. in or to whatever place (emphasizing a lack of restriction). If this definition is true; in the moments where I and that which brings me joy are discoverable by one another, there are no limits. We connect! We light up! Joy not only floods the soul, the impact and the beautiful outcomes […]

For the Good of the Order

Today, I make room for and allow more good in my life. The Truth for me is this goodness does not and cannot exist apart from me, for it is a very present thread lovingly woven into fabric of my being. I know, acknowledge and affirm that the presence goodness within me is greater than […]

Did You Catch That?

Today, I received an email reminding me that the cold and flu season is upon us. Last Spring, I caught what I thought was just a spring cold or my annual bout with allergies. As it turned out, I had the flu, and I needed to stay home because I was contagious. The memory of […]