The Last Word

The Last Word Here we are on this Good Friday, April 19, 2019 in the rainy city of Orlando. We have just made the decision in the interest of safety to cancel our service this evening. Thus, I hope that where ever you are as you are reading this, that you take time for yourself […]

On a Mission…

I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to discover and learn to live according to their deepest spiritual Truth.  I awoke this morning reminded that if I can touch it, it’s temporary and if it emerges from within me, it is eternal.  This journey, this idea and this blessing is […]

Do the Math

My relationships help teach me how to accept others for all of who they are; Right now and not yet. It’s easy to take the good times and ignore all the things we don’t like. So what if we allow this to be the day that we suspend disbelief and take all of what is […]

My Current Situation…

On doing the hard stuff… As much as I want to make life and work about skill and competence, it really is all about heart and will. For all that my “book learning” has taught me, the ability and desire to persevere in difficult moments is found in the most profound body of work that […]

Extraordinarily You!

When you find yourself on the path towards something extraordinary, know this; it is not the fear or failure that defines you. Who and why you are was determined sometime ago and it is the light of the soul that is thrown upon your divine purpose that brings the extraordinary to life through you.

I Believe!!!

She shouted, “I believe!” What do you believe? What others say about you? What you think they are thinking about you? Or what the image of God that looks out at the world from behind your eyes is speaking to you? Our power and capacity to believe is astounding…the power of that in which we […]

Love In Need of Love

Today is Love’s holiday. Not that we take a break from all else to observe it, but that we take a break from all else to engage, participate in love, with love and as love. Today is the day that we have been waiting for! It is the day that we have the opportunity to […]

Catching Fire & Fanning the Flames

The Last Word:  I was awakened by the magnificence of the morning pouring into my quiet retreat.  In the company of my thoughts, I began to move quietly through the house listening to all the messages of my soul.  Among the lessons that came bursting into my view were the desires of my heart to […]

Lighten Up!

We do not have to ask for permission to be who we are meant to be.  Great, beautiful, magnificent, whole, confident, loved and blessed are among the threads of our being.  In the beginning there were four words words that summoned our Truth, “Let there be light”. Now, here we are and all we have […]


Believe This:  In our language that is both spoken and lived, there are words and instances that bring us together and further divide us.  Our words, thoughts and deeds are more powerful than we could ever imagine.  With that being true, my heart breaks it’s vow silence today, my soul has shaken off the shackles […]