On Purpose

Believe This:  Do you ever wonder things like:  Why am I here?  Now what?   What’s up with that?  I do… Well at least I did;  until today when I had a peaceful revelation as to my reason for being.  In the midst of my walking meditation and wondering about this or that, I realized something […]

When I…

Check this out:  For so long in my life I was invested in a time that was not yet present to me and held it as more valued than the moments that were present to me. I spoke of it, wrote of it and thought of it in statements that began, “When I…” as if […]

Key to the Kingdom Within

Believe This:  You are ready!  You have been prepared for a moment, a breath and/or an opportunity such as this.  We are all connected, related and kindred; we are family of the grandest sorts.  Being connected means we never travel alone.  Our lives, dreams, work in the world and all that we know of ourselves […]

Meant to Be…

Believe This:  You are not here by accident and your presence in the lives of those who love you, is so much more than just a mere matter of fact.  We live in a world where there are signs and messages all around us and it is easy to propelled and fueled by likes, invites, […]

Nothing Less…

Believe This:  There is so much more to each one of us than we are willing to let others in on.  Routinely we gather and store up our essence for the sake of our safety, sanity and sometimes even for the sake of others.  I know that there are moments that we all find ourselves […]

Nothing But the Truth…

Our belief in one thing or another is really quite powerful…    My life has been a series of blessings, revelations and inspirations all designed to guide my steps in peaceful ways.  No matter where I have chosen to live, the complexity of the work that engages my thoughts or the depth of love that has […]

From the Passion Narrative – Don’t Even Go There…

I was speaking with a friend of mine recently about something that we discovered was a very sensitive and touchy subject for each of us.  There was even a point in our conversation that she said to me, “Girl, don’t even go there…” It was in that moment that I realized the truth of the […]

Home For The Holidays…

“There is no place like home.”  Dorothy Year after year, I have had the chance to engage the idea of home for the holidays in signs and messages of the holiday season.   Hear my heart when I say that there is nothing untoward about that Idea as it is the foundation and support of my […]

I Believe!

On What’s Ahead:  I recall this past Monday with the whole week ahead of me; I thought that there was just no way that I could get through the coming days. Yet, I awoke this morning to the knowing that what was once my daunting hope is now my faithful reality.  So, I went for […]

Now Showing!

When people and or circumstances make a cameo or walk on appearance in the productions of our lives; they are not without purpose or divine intent.  Although I am still a believer in magic and have the full uninhibited use of my imagination, I know that stuff does not just show up because it can.  […]