Regret or Reality?

My mother would often say, “I said to myself…” I now understand that this was her way of communicating that she had talked an idea over with the God of her creation, and whatever immediately followed that statement was the sentiment, lesson, solution, answer and or next step that they had agreed up. So in […]

Roll Call!

I remember the crisp autumn mornings of elementary school, full of anticipation, angsts, new back to school sneakers and a full compliment of school supplies. One of the anchors of the day for me was roll call; the teacher calling each name to see who was there and who was not. I guess one could […]

The Way of Wisdom – Lean In…

Many of you may know that for the past 30 days, I have found myself at the bedside of my beloved; Kai. Today, she is doing much better, yet there is still the journey ahead and not yet. Those closest to me have termed my journey of the past month as; holding space, sitting vigil, […]

Sunday Morning Vibe: Are You Available?

When we hold onto wisdom we become the keepers of great secrets that have the potential change the world in profound ways. When we make our wisdom available to others, we become purveyors of life anew and bringers of light. Instead of keeping the rich wisdom of our goodness, joy and grace out of sight […]

Say Something that Matters to Them!

Sometimes, when I share a post, I do so with a tag line of “This will preach.” Today, as I read an open letter to the church on why people are leaving posted by John Pavlovitz, I felt a stirring within me because there is so much that far too often goes unsaid in the […]

Choice in the Matter…

Sometimes, you have to just be where you are. Here I am sitting patiently in the cold and empty waiting room, praying for the best, seeing her healed and whole and trusting the God of my creation. Essentially, I’m putting all of my eggs in one basket; my faith. Underneath all of the spiritual goo […]